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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I try your candles over all others?

We strive to create unique and original scents, along with putting our own twists on more commonly found scents, which will provide our customers with a unique candle experience.  We also use premium fragrance oils, essential oils, and 100% soy wax, while avoiding any potentially harmful ingredients.  It's also a goal of ours to create candles that are worth the price, that will provide numerous hours of use, and that will throw their scent across a large room.

How does your product ship?
Right now, all candles ship in individual brown boxes (view here), with our branding on the taping, along with stickers on the box.  Inside the box, each candle is wrapped in gift tissue.  For larger orders, two or more candles, those same boxes are shipped within a USPS box, our partners in shipping. 

Can I change an order after making a purchase on the website?
Since we ship the next day, usually around 12pm-2pm Arizona time, if you reach out to us before then, absolutely.  

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, but not as an option on the website since shipping costs would not be included on international orders and other arrangements would need to be made.  Just email us at to discuss your potential order.

How long before my order arrives?
We ship out the next day and always use 2-3 business day shipping on all domestic orders, and will email the tracking number after we ship.

What if I want to ship to different addresses?
Just email us at, and let us know where you want each order sent since our merchant checkout doesn't offer that option yet.

Do you no longer offer free shipping?

Unfortunately, we no longer offer free shipping as the costs of shipping and our materials have increased over the past 3 years.

What about refunds?

We will refund any candles that arrive broken, for all other refund requests please email  For refunds that don't involve a broken candle, the shipping costs will not be refunded.  

How long do your candles burn for?

Our 8 oz. candle burns for roughly 30-35 hours, our 16 oz. candle burns for roughly 55-60 hours. 

How strong are your candles?

They range in intensity, but we purposefully strive to create a strong smelling candle that will throw its scent across a large room.  If you are looking for a light, more neutral scented candle, I would suggest Palo Verde Trail.  If you are looking for a very strong candle, I would suggest Echo Canyon or Piestewa Peak.

How short should I cut the wick?

1/4" is ideal on our candles. Be sure to not cut it too short (under 1/4"), or else it won't burn properly.

What if build-up occurs on the wick?
Clean it off with a paper towel or tissue.  Always clean the wick off before burning and trim it to its proper length to avoid any black soot, smoke, or large flame.  Click here for more tips.

What if black smoke or a large flame occurs?

Blow out the candle, let it cool,  clean the tip of the wick off with a tissue paper or paper towel, and trim it to 1/4" in length.  Click here for more tips.

What is in your candles?
I only use two ingredients.  100% soy wax and our fragrance oil blends, which are proprietary in nature, but include essential oils and synthetic oils.  All of our synthetic oils do not contain any phthalates.

Do you use synthetic oils or essential oils?


What are PHTHALATES and PARAFFIN and why don't you use them in your candles?

Paraffins are petroleum products used to create certain types of wax.  Phthalates are a group of synthetic  chemicals used in extracting scents from the materials used in the creation of certain types of scented oils.  Both products are believed to be harmful,  even though there are studies stating the safety of those products, we choose to not use them in our candles.

Do you test on animals?
Never! Nor are any of the ingredients we use ever tested on animals.  We are both vegans for over two decades, and purposefully created a vegan candle that is free from any animal cruelty.

When will new scents come out?
I'm a stickler for creating scents that meet a tough criteria 1.) are they unique or better than what is already out there? 2.) does it smell like anything else we have created? 3.) does the scent work as a candle and throw its scent in a large room? 

I'm constantly exploring new scents, and as soon as I create ones that meet those criteria, I'll add them to our collection. We're hoping to add 2-4 new scents a year moving forward.  

Why do your candles cost more online and at stores than at live events?

At live events we sell the candles for less, because there are no shipping costs added to the price of the product, or store costs, etc...  

Do you offer bulk order discounts?
Yes, please contact us at to discuss your potential order.

Do you have a physical store location?
Not at this time.

Are you sold in stores?
Not yet, but we hope to be in stores in the Metro Phoenix area sometime soon.

What if I want to recommend a scent?

Absolutely! We love hearing feedback on what people want to smell. Send all suggestions to, with "RECOMMENDED SCENTS" in the subject line.

Can I use your candles as a body lotion?

No, while some of the fragrance oils we use are suited for that type of use, they aren't approved for use at the percentages used in our candles.  Our candles are not body products, and should never be used in that way.

Can I re-purpose your candle jars?

We recommend you recycle them after use.

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