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16oz Lost Goldmine Candle

Lost Goldmine Trail - Scented Soy Candle

Featuring scents of: Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Wild Coriander, and Tobacco.

Burn Time:  60 hours for 16oz / 30 hours for 8oz / 40 hours for wax melts

  • Lost Goldmine Trail

    A complex and rich scent featuring a tonka bean base, with notes of vanilla, wild coriander, tobacco, and cassia. The unique and intriguing combination of scents transforms and warms the environment of any room within minutes.

    Always burn our candles within sight, and be sure to keep the burning candles away from things that can catch fire. When burning, keep away from children, and pets also. Remove lid before burning, keep wax pool free of debris, stop burning when 1/2" unmelted wax remains. Do not burn for more than 4 hours at one time.

    100% soy wax, cruelty-free, vegan, hand crafted, and hand poured candles. Lead-free, Paraffin-free and Phthalatea-free, with paper and cotton core wicks.

    Made in Phoenix, Arizona.

  • Returns and/or Refunds

    Refunds or replacements will be granted for any unused broken candles you receive from us, including shipping costs.  

  • Find out more about the Trails!

    Lost Goldmine Trail:  A hidden trail located in Tonto National Forest, East of Apache Junction.   Not many people on this trail, but it is a nice tranquil hike with great flowers during the Spring.

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